gem-pearl hotel

The Gem :: Evocative & Provocative

Back in spring 2003, a shiny, new MINI Cooper was parked on a Robson Street sidewalk in Vancouver. B.C. The dark green, diminutive beauty?a contest’s grand prize?sat on display at the entrance of the sponsoring hotel. Men and women, alike?despite lacking strong odds of winning it?surrounded the vehicle, admiring its eye-catching details. They were caught in the moment and captivated by its charms. The Gem, The Pearl’s junior room, is like that car: A vision of compact cool to which many are happily drawn. It’s been called irresistible and bold, which maybe makes it a tad irrepressible, too. And yes, like a contest, long odds accompany The Gem’s availability. After all, there are only two of these rooms. However, if you’re visiting San Diego and you’re lucky enough to book one, that’s no small feat, and certainly, some great reward. Make A Reservation

Key features and amenities:

  • 112 sq ft.
  • Mirrored ceiling tiles
  • Upholstered, sueded wall cushions
  • 42-inch, wall-mounted, LCD television with HBO
  • iHome
  • High-speed wireless Internet
  • Fully-tiled, free-standing shower
  • Luxury bed and bath linens
  • Junior storage unit